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Having Trouble Starting The EZ-B Controller

Hey guys,

I just recieved my custom kit a couple of weeks ago, read the online manual, and rigged a 7.2v 2800mah rechargeable NI-MH battery pack as a power source.

* I did not find a "Getting Started Insert" in my custom kit.

So I have read the basically the whole forum, follow directions but I feel that I missing some steps......can you guys tell me what Im doing wrong please....

I added power to the EZ-B controller, when powered I get 1 big red led light is blinking and 1 tiny red light is blinking

I connect the USB Bluetooth to my laptop. I add the device, insert code, get my COM#.

I downloaded the ARC file, run it, ARC opens, I connect using the lowest CoM#

then the large red LED light and the tiny red light stops blinking and they both become a steady red light.

being connected now....

I pick one of the EXAMPLES under the FILE tab "Wall-e Big", the example file pops up, I connect 2 wheels servos to the EZ-B board following the example servo window AND THEN both the red lights turn off.....

from there, I loose connection from bluetooth and the EZ-B boards lights turn off, so I started over and get the same results....

What am I doing wrong?, Wrong power source?, Am I suppose to get these red lights? Is there a step by step tutorial on how to get started, other than the manual which is found on this sight?

Also did you guys get a ""Getting Started Insert"? what is it?, I requested one but haven't heard a replie yet...

I want to solve this and start modding and building cause Im really excited about EZ-Robot. So any help would be appreciated.....

thanks in advanced


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connect after you load the projec t:)

getting started insert is a peice of paper (about 2" by 4") that says "visit " to get started

Every control has a ? question mark beside the close. You can press that for help.

If you have trouble connecting, it will prompt and ask if you want to view the connection video.

All you need to do is connect after you load the project.:) then you're golden.


Thanks for the reply.....

small question

What do both of the red lights mean? Does it mean there is an error?
Are the suppose to turn green or white when connected?

thanks for the help


Every EZ-B has a random colored light:)

When the lights stop flashing, it's connected.


Thxs !!!!!


I got things working now, HOOT! HOOT! Yahoo.....

Thank you


I kinda have the same problem.

I connected the T-Pro MG996R (which came with my order) and started playing with, the servo, that is...but after a little while the whole thing disconnected and ARC froze. LEDs stopped blinking and wouldn't connect again. I pulled out 562 hairs from my lower face (I'm balled) trying to figure out why.

I connected another servo, a TowerPro SG90 I had from before, and that one worked like a charm. Up, down, right, left, in and out (well, almost).

Oki, so I figured out that it had to be the T-Pro servo, so the next time it froze/disconnected, I pulled out the servo connectors and everything went fine again.

Why would such a thing happen? confused

EDIT: By all means, thumbs up for quick delivery (10 days to Norway). I recommend the EZ-B to everyone. When an idiot like me can understand, anyone can :P

Regards from Norway Frode


That's interesting!

All I can assume is the batteries are dying or dead. Check the voltage to see if they are below 7 volts. Rechargable AA batteries can not be used with the EZ-B's battery holder because they only hold 1.2v and drain too fast.

If the battery pack is less than 7 volts and approaching 6, you can easily brown-out the board. The kit is battery hungry! That is why we also ship with the Alternate Power Adapter. You're going to need that for a real battery supply that fills the demand of your robot.

In the meantine, you can use the Bench Power Adapter that is available on our Buy page. You plug it into the wall and voila, instant power that will never let you down. Or, you can find a decent wall adapter of your own locally in Norway. Around 12 volts @ 5 amps DC is great.

*Note: Just be careful of polarity when you connect power to the EZ-B:)


DJ Sure:

I forgot to say that I WAS usng a wall adapter, but still it kept messing with my Though, that wall adapter was only 1 amp...can that be the reason?

Thank you for your reply :)


@Kong yeah 1 amp isn't much. Not enough at all. The wall adapter we sell is a switching power supply with constant voltage (not variable based on load like regular transformer adapters) and 5 amps.