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Having Issues Setting Up ARC And Visual Studio For Skill Creation

How do I configure Visual Studio Community 2019 and ARC so ARC finds that VS is installed?  Please see below picture.

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Unfortunately, there is no direct integration between ARC and Visual Studio Community 2019. However, you can use Visual Studio to create custom plugins for ARC. You can find more information on how to create plugins for ARC in the Synthiam support section.

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If you installed Visual Studio 2019 Community correctly, maybe it requires a reboot.
DJ,  I just excepted the defaults in the VS install and the Windows 10 Home system was rebooted before I installed ARC on it. It was also rebooted again after I installed ARC with the same results.
Can anyone help me with getting VS installed and working with ARC?  I use a MAC with Parallels with Windows 10 Home I have installed the required version as shown in the picture above with the most current version of ARC.
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I was able to get ARC to see the VS installation after trying to load a skill off of git hub VS needed to install the .Net package to get it working. 
The instructions said if ARC works there is no need to install this package as part of the VS installation but that must not be the case because ARC was installed and working before I tried to install VS. 

Now I just need to figure out how to use it.
There must have been a misconfiguration with your installation. Nuget packages install in the project folder, not visual studio. ARC detects the installation folder of visual studio. Glad you got it setup correctly and working.