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Have ? On A Script That Not Working

for some reason when i ask what day it is ,it will error out . i thought about it was working last time i used my robot . i did load the example check with mine it all good so i ask the example what day it is, that also did error too humm . any idears eek thanks cory


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Have you updated ARC recently without checking and/or updating the script?

Which version of ARC are you using? Can you post the script used to tell you what day it is?

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In fact, here is the one line code for saying today's day

SayWait("Today is " + $dayName)

i just update ez-b today @ rich ,id tryed update the code like yours the nothing ..does same / everthing else works but that ..thats very strange its been working last year. well thanks .its been long time forgot how to copy and paste.. ctrl and something :)


@rich i roll back to last version before i loaded the new one .the last ez-b version was 2013.03.12.00 that i had i just tryed that again its working now, with that version .newone i upload today it not working at all . :) cory


Once text is highlighted, CTRL C (Copies the text) and CTRL V (pastes the text)



I was just having the same trouble as Cory here. Tried and tried to figure it out myself but was unable. Just came in to ask what was the new way of getting the old scripts to work and there it was :D



OK here's a strange one ... :D

I tried Rich's code above and all works well on my desktop but not on my robot? Both are running the 7-27 version too. I don't get a error but the desktop says the day (Wednesday) and my robot (on board mini itx) just says garble. I can't even make out what it's saying. Instead of saying Wednesday it says something like "nest-t-e", LOL.


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Make sure there is a space after the word is and before the "

There needs to be a space there otherwise it is saying the word is and the day name at the same time i.e. iswednesday or isthursday.

SayWait("Today is " + $dayName)
#                ^ space there


@rich ok i missed the space there ,its working now with new version i add the date to that script to works perfit :D oh @Herr Ball for joging my memory lol :D

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I missed the space first time, I edited the post :)


@rich np mate all set, now i need to make video of genie wet dry vac she has new arm now this winter looking forward on second arm ;) cory