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Have Anyone The Mp3 File Off Ymca?

does anyone have the mp3 song ymca and is willing to chare.

thank you


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United Kingdom
Wouldn't that be piracy?

I'm sure you can find it on youtube and use one of many websites to save the MP3 (snipmp3.com for instance)
hi rich i mean the little part jd uses whit the dance not the complete mp3
Its on the JD example on the soundboard v4 window just push play botton
User-inserted image
yes i see that but mine ez-b is not connected now.so i cant play it.
You could play the song from youtube on your pc while controlling JD with your Android.... I mean if it is that important....
hi rr

hole song will to much.am waiting for the new acces point to arrive.
to get a good control over jd.

thank you