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Has The Mini Ezb Board Been Canceled

DJ it looks like very good design to have a tiny board in side small robots.


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No. It's being upgraded with a different processor, arduino compatibility and a few other goodies. We will be releasing details shortly. April will be a big month of news from us:) stay tuned
Arduino compatibility? :D
Will previous mentioned dimensions be the same?
United Kingdom
That's good to hear (well, read):) Can't wait for April but I am guessing my bank balance wont be as happy to see it come...
Hmmm. Birthday at the end of April. I think I will ask my wife and friends for CASH this year:)
I will get 5 of them,they be great for a few robots i have.
So far the dimensions are the same. I don't know when the manufacture date will be completed... Most likely near the end of april or beginning of may.

The new EZ-B, new software, new website and open hardware modular kit will be announced and demo'd in a few weeks. Oooooops, I said too much
Great , a tiny ezb , I wonder if it will also sport additional speed with the new CPU.
hehe I don't think he will say any more for a few weeks.
A guy can dream can't he? Lol its already "fast" as far as a microcontroller , its just more likely that a new chip will allocate more memory to handle additional firmware so that we can have more features ..... That's just my personal guess though.
I wonder what the price tag will be? I wish this had been available 2 months ago. Now I'm going to have rebuild a part of my robot to retro fit this one in. Just what the doctor ordered though. I have a full sized EZB in there now and it's about 1/2 inch to tall.
@robohobo I know! he's good at that right?;)
United Kingdom
I'm getting a bonus next month, and I'd so planned what it was being spent on... Now I'm not so sure:D
@bill Spend it on what you " need" , stash a little back for a mini but I'm sure there are lots of projects a ezb v3 can be mounted in.:) - Josh S
United Kingdom
What I need... Hbridges, batteries, motors, moar!:D