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Has Anyone Used The Compass - Looks Cool But Need Help

We are trying to get Bob to navigate a certain compass direction. Has anyone tried it - if so could you share how you did it.


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Do you have a compass module?
I have used the SURE compass and it works fine. Just select from the Add Control menu under I2C. Of course you have to have a I2C compass. Mine works great!
Sorry MovieMaker but have no idea. What do you mean by compass module and SURE compass ? I'm guessing we need some kind of hardware to plug into the EZ-B.
Every control has a question mark next to the close X button. If you press it, you will receive assistance
Yes, a while back there was a sale on ebay for the sure compass. Just look it up and make sure it has a I2c interface. On the board at the end of the row of ports you will see a label I2C. You have to solder four wires to the pc board and insulate them so they don't short anything out. They MUST be less than 2" Long. I soldered one end of a single stranded wire to each of the connections. Then I simply plugged the appropriate wire into the appropriate jack. I believe that D.J. May have a tutorial on it. Anyway, once I turned it on, it automatically hooked everything up software wise.

Good Luck!

OH! I forgot to mention: There are script functions that you can use. Look at the script manual and you will see something like: compassmove(10 degrees North) or something like that. I have not tried to navigate with the compass.
Thanks MovieMaker. I'll see if Richie can get me one. Thanks DJ, we never thought of using the question mark..these are little things that get missed - it's a great help.