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Has Anyone Used Pir For Navigation? Do You Think That Is

Has anyone used PIR for Navigation? do you think that is even possible. It detects movement from about 30' away and turns on an on/off switch.

Any ideas on that?


Mel (MovieMaker)

Someone had made a while back a robot that supposedly followed the source of the movement with PIRs.



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I think most PIR's are sluggish at best to react. I wouldn't use one for navigation.

Proximity alarm maybe.
No way you could use a passive infrared reciever. The term passive means it only detect sudden changes. Active Infrared sensor actually gives a "picture " but with super low resolution. Ive seen them as low as 6 pixels. They use a tx and a rx. Some have a high enough resolution receiver to not only detect changes but also determine direction By giving a output reading for the angle of the object and distance of an object by calculating the angle that the ir signal was recieved back. This is a slightly more complicated IR sensor and the same principles that a sharp ir sensor uses.
Thanks for the info. I guess I can simply use the sensor to detect movement and use him in my security guard program. He will say something like "Warning, Carbon Unit approaching!" that will work fine.


Mel (I have not forgotten about the pictures, Josh.) Someday.

ARC has the motion tracking function with the camera. You will need to remove the ir filter from your ez cam then add some ir leds to illuminate the room so the cam sees well. That in combination with a motion sensor forward and one on each side would be best I believe. That way you could have the robot turn to the direction it sees movement and once it does that the person would be in the EZ cams view. How does that sound mel?