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Happy Holidays From New Jersey

Hi All,

I just wanted to tell everyone how much I've enjoyed being on this site. It's so good to be on a site, where everyone is so helpful, and caring. It really makes my Ez-Robot project all that much enjoyable. I hope everyone has a safe,and joyful holiday. Take care, and see you next year.

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Hello, I am also from New Jersey, I agree with GotRobbed, this is a great site. Without this site and the help from DJ and the people on this site, I would not be able to build a robot.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a very happy and safe New Year.

Thanks. :)
Happy Holidays from snowy Calgary Canada!:)

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Id post a picture saying "HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM SEATTLE" with snow in the background. But it is still raining.
Merry Christmas everyone! :)

@DJ, thank you for this wonderful product.
Merry Christmas from Victoria BC

United Kingdom
Happy Christmas to all EZ-B fans from the UK its 13c here!

I want some snow
DJ with scenery like that how do you get anything done? I only mess with electronics during the winter because in Michigan that is BORING! Anyways I have had more fun the last coupla weeks ( I had my order in 11/11/11 so got an early kit) than I have had the last 2 years messing with an Arduino... Blink an LED... Whoppee! Make something move? Now that is fun!
Thanks and Happy Holidays!