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Halloween Project "The Great Madame Ninndo"

Here is my Halloween project. The Great Madame Ninndo.

My Adventure Bot is lifeless right now because he gave up his EZB for Halloween.

The Madame Ninndo has servos in the eyes, two servos in the neck, one servo in the lips, a scary terry board, (I had trouble using the talk servo function), two pre-amps for sound preparation and a master amp to speakers. I will use a Dell Net Book to run the program. She will be dressed like a gypsy and placed in a cabinet like the old time ZOLTAR fortune teller. A talking skeleton (using another scary terry board) will invite people to come visit her.

I have a number of fortunes loaded in an Auto Position panel and run by a script manager. When a button is pushed Madame Ninndo moves and speaks, to tell you your fortune.

I am still having trouble making a sequencer and still request a working example to work from. (see Halloween is coming).

I will send a video once all is in the cabinet and running. I have to learn how to post it also. .LOL

Ron R

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Update.. Test fit to the cabinet. Just to qualify, the test dummys, one is plastic, the other is my friend Bill, just in case you couldn't tell the difference.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

The real Madame Ninndo will be installed today, and the cabinet 95% done. Testing next week.

Ron R
Cool project. I love fortune teller machines. I'd love to have one.
Hi Dave... I will post a video when it is done. I will push the button for you. I hope to be done near the end of the week.

Ron R
United Kingdom
Great job Ron.

I certainly will look forward to the video and seeing it in action.

I am still fighting a sequencer bug, (see Halloween Is Coming Soon), but She will soon be mounted in the cabinet and dressed for the party. The Crystal Ball and Tarot Cards await.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Ron R
I hope all enjoyed Halloween...

Hear are some pictures of the finished Madame Ninndo project. I will make a video and post it soon . It ran well and we had a lot of fun. The curtains and the announcer are not in the picture but will be in the video.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Ron R
I hear Alan is looking for a girl friend !
Very cool. Nice pictures but I'm a little frustrated. I was hoping for a good video showing this marvelous contraption in action. However I'm very impressed with your creation. Can you show any of the way you wired this up, servos and connections to EZB?

How did it go over on Halloween?
Hi Dave,

Video very soon... I promise.. With a fortune for you. LOL..

Once all is caught up I will post the video and some detail on the connection. I have the program on the cloud. If you can't open it or have a problem let me know. I am new at posting a program a may have screwed up.

All went well and another party (larger one) will be on the 7th. Everyone enjoyed it. We will move it to the Farms front barn so customers can play come spring time.

I will post more in the next few days.

Ron R
United Kingdom
Ron, the finished project really does look creepily great. Really looking forward to the video too.
OK Guys, She is done, for now !

I hope you like it.

Ron R