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Hack Me A Rovio Oh Great One

Master DJ, of all the robots out there you have hacked and now work better with your EZ-B board, why have you not hacked the Rovio. I have one and would really like to customize it with the EZ-B. What say you, up for the challenge, just another feather in your cap, or should I say "running around your shop". Thanks User-inserted image


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i second that i to would like to hack rovo with ez. i have rovo hacked now with arduino but not as much fun or easy like ez-robot


sounds like a great project for you guys. I think that's why DJ and his poise created EZB, so regular people like us can appear as smart and cool as they are. :-)


Yep I know 2 other robot builders that have Rovio that would like to add the EZ-B. It would be so cool.


DJ Just thought this may help with haking rovio to the EZ-B. I have a great idea for my Rovio and it must have the EZ-B. Your EZ-B has allowed me in the robot building arena without having to be a programmer. I like the EZ-B on my Roomba but it would be greater on the Rovio

Thanks again Joe


Hey DJ, I wondering if you don't have a Rovio to hack I would send you mine to work on and I would pay the shipping both ways. Just a suggestion :-)


It looks like something to add to the to-do list :)


I am new here and just placed an order recently and would love to make rovio one of my first projects with ez-b.. What would be super cool is adding head tracking fpv to rovio. Also it would be super cool if ez-b made it easy to use a variety of available fpv glasses like hubsan,walkera and fatshark glasses on the cheaper end and at the higher end the HD 3D ones like cinemizer, sony personal 3D and the occulus rift.. seems a waste that those ones which DJ uses with wally are low res small screen size and hard to find yet included when there are so many better options which are not. There's also many different stand alone head trackers around these days for controling pan and tilt cameras on rc planes and multirotors that rovio seems the perfect choice for an FPV Project.. It Would be cool to log into rovio remotely and feel like your actually there at home..


I just found this thread I have one of these in my attic,

Count me in the Rovio hack team ! :D


I still have Rovio on the list for support. Due to development requests and upgrades to the current Revolution robots, 3rd party platforms have lower priority. But, they will eventually get done :)

I am currently working on Brookstone Rover v2


Thats fair enough only so many hours in the day

my thinking is use rovio as some kind of autonomous base for an EZB driven AI personal assistant with just a head on top that you can talk to and is linked to the internet and databases with face recognition and such

I have these Ideas but have to find the time to work them through learning as I go.

I had the idea to put a dolphin head or a duck head on the top with animated eyes and mouth of course

oh well no sleep tonight either I guess. confused

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Just got a rovio and power it up on win 7 :) but want to add ezbzv4 to up the ability. New to the robot build so are you likely to provide interface soon


@kgreaves81 ....Highly doubtful... To the point of next to nil.... EZ Robot has their own robots now and that's their focus....


@kgreaves81 ... I too have been waiting, but as @Richard R says "Highly Doubtful". I have a Rovio, and I have decided to hack it myself, and build my own Frankenbot. I'm in the process of adding a couple of motor controllers, EZB4, an merging an Omnibot 5402 upper half with the Rovio base. Soon I'll be adding it to the project showcase. :)

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Would be interested to see your show case as I am unsure to invest in the ez kit or just get full version. Would be good to use the rovio as a platform


@kgreaves81, whichever way you decide to go you can't go wrong with EZ-Robot. I myself like to tinker, and tear things apart, and put them back together. Here is a Sneak Peek at my project.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


@joseph4760, that looks like it will become a baddd asss machine !


When the Rovio first came out, I really wanted one because it is one of the coolest looking rover bots out there and it was the first time I had seen omni wheels. I held off because the software didn't seem very flexible, no published SDK, and I really wanted a robot with an arm that could pick things up. Now I am glad I waited and have a Roli.

Roli is more cute than cool looking, but does everything I want and more.