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United Kingdom
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HDD Servo Supplier In UK

Hi People, I bought a JD Humanoid around 2017, worked great and had some fun. I had to shelve it for quite a while due to health issues. I took it off the shelf a couple of months back and after operating it for about 10 minutes his left arm took on a mind of its own. There seems to be an issue with the shoulder servo or the upper arm servo, it goes fully one way or fully the other, no control. If I use one of the default scripts the arm and joints move but not as per the scripts. If I try to calibrate the servos there is not enough 'calibration' movement. Any ideas as to the problem?

Hoping it was a faulty HDD servo, and not the shoulder servo in the body, I have been trying to order a new servo to see if that is the problem. Does anyone know a HDD servo supplier in the UK? Robotshop show them on their inventory (out of stock at the moment) but they want nearly 10 UK pounds postage!!!



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We’re the company that makes the software for the robot. Just like Microsoft makes windows for your computer. The robot is made by someone else, in this case it’s EZRobot. Just like your computer might be made by dell or hp or acer

so you’ll have to contact ezrobot at their website www.ez-robot.com