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Resolved Resolved by Dave Schulpius!

H-Bridge For 4 Motors - Robot Car

I understand how to connect a IO tiny, ez-battery, ez-builder, H-bridge motor controller to two wheel robot car, easy.

Now I have a robot car that has 4 motors, do I just use 2 H-bridge controllers? 

Or is their something I am missing?

thanks for help


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reactions on youtube channel is dissabled?
Here is a picture of wires:

I do this not so much for the toy aspect, but to learn wiring, h-bridge, all the rest

User-inserted image
#13   — Edited
nomad, I just clicked the video, it plays here

looks like Dave Schulpius seem it also
for now, final picture of car, 4 motors, IO tint, ez-battery, H-bridge:

User-inserted image
love transparent parts.good speed too.:D