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H Bridge Question:

I finally had a chance to get back to my robots. I wired up the Motor driver ( per the very through tutorial) and hooked it up to the EZ-B as follows:
AIN1 to D15
AIN2 to D16
BIN1 to D17
BIN2 to D18

Left Trigger A assigned to D17
Left Trigger B assigned to D18
Right Trigger B assigned to D16
Right Trigger A assigned to D15

VM connected to seperate battery pack (7.2 volts) positive

Connected the EZ-B
Opened an H-Bridge movement panel..................then clicked on all 4 directions and...............................Nothing happened !!!!!! Where did I go wrong????????
What am I missing?
Thanks all


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Great work. you've connected 4 of the wires as a start. What about the others?

Did you connect the pwm and other wires? Look at the tutorial page, there are many pictures and explanations.
YES! All the other wires are also connected as per your great wiring tutorial for the H-Bridge hook up. I'm sure I must be missing something obvious. I triple checked myself and went through the wiring for the H-Bridge very carefully. I don't have the Neg (gnd) from the seperate battery pack connected to the EZ-B. Would that result in a no go?
what do you mean seperate battery pack?

post a pic of what you have
I thought I resolved my problem. I was attemping to connect VM to an entirely seperate battery pack. I think I misconstrued the "connect VM directly to the positive of the battery pack". So, I connected VM to the positive of the battery pack that powers the EZ-B. I then connected to the EZ-B again and tried the movement panel. Still nothing! The "other battery pack" was a 7.2 volt; so I don't think it harmed the H-Bridge.The motors should operate from the Movement Panel just by clicking on the directional tabs, right? They did turn green, but no motor movement! Any ideas?
Picture please. Even a diagram anything at all will help
Do you have one battery powering the EZ-B and a separate battery powering the H-Bridge? If so, I believe the solution is to connect the two negative wires together.
A seperate battery pack was my first mistake. I misunderstood. VM is now directly connected to the positive side of the battery pack that is powering the EZ-B. However; I still have no motor power. I will try to get you a pic tomorrow DJ.
Please a pic or a drawing.

Your GND's will need to be connected:)
I resolved the problem. I left it alone over nite and went back to it this morning. I'm reticent to devulge the simplicity of the problem. I had the servo plugs turned around backwards! Now the motors work just fine. (hangin' my head in embarassment). Looks like I should develop the habit of waiting 48 hours before posting a question to the forum.
Haha, yes. You seem to solve your own problems - after a tiny explosion - I don't think you've actually needed help ever. You just needed communication with people:) Then, after a bit of time you always solve the problem.

Pretty awesome to see you grow dude. You keep learning more daily. Feel like a kid yet?:D
I have learned to relax and I am having a great time! I am enjoying this new found hobby more then anything I've been into in years!!It is just great fun, I feel like I am going to achieve all my robotic goals, Thanks to you and what you have given to the robotics community.
@lostcreekstation - I'm glad to have helped:)
It looks like I'm having the same exact problem with my omnibot, the only difference is that I don't think it's just my servo wires flipped the wrong way.

Do you think you might want to help me now that you're a pro at this?