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Guess? Next Big Feature

I note from another post that DJ is wondering can we read his mind on the next Big feature in EZ-B

My guess " Brain Control "


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"Brain Control" came and went since it didn't work;)

My guess is the long awaited IR navigation.
I think it has something to do with the on-board UART. Having the ability to do 2-way serial communications opens the doors to integration with a lot of devices that would be difficult to integrate to today.

Two way serial and indoor navigation are my 2 big wants right now...
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@Technopro, did you miss this?
DJ did mention something a few months ago about indoor navigation based on a remote mounted camera (ie, a camera that can see the robot, as opposed to a camera on the robot being used to get an accurate location).

Yep, remember him saying that too Alan... Hoping that comes to fruition....
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That's what I meant by the IR navigation. As I recall it used cameras to pick up the IR beacon on the robot.
Sorry, didn't pick up on the IR part... but yes, hoping DJ gets it included in a future release...
ez-bits. gyro, accelerometer, gps, mini digital screens
A lot of people want GPS, but since EZB needs to be coupled to a PC, GPS is limited unless you have a PC on board your bot or a seriously powerful wifi network...
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A lot of people will be disappointed in GPS, it's not the most accurate of things unless you spend a small fortune on it. At best you'll be within a meter or so, at worst you could be 10 or 20 meters away. I'd hate for my robot to get lost or wander in to a river/road because the GPS thought it was somewhere else;)
I agree Rich... it's just not accurate enough for "short distant" bots... Long distance it's great, but again there is still the network range issue... For now I am using wheel encoders for position and mapping... Since I am not the best programmer out there, it is still limited to me. I do hope DJ gets his indoor navigation idea up and running...
Hehehe, I can't say who's right - but there is a winning guess in there somewhere. There's actually two winning guesses... because there are two pretty big things coming. One is being released before the other. We are in testing mode for it right now - the next step will be a beta implementation. There will require some additions to our cloud service as well.
What a tease! but you already said you were a secret junkie! does it start with the letter I ? These updates and your new employee are great distractions while waiting for the V4!:)
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As big of a tease it may be just look at how awesome the last surprise/secret announcement was (Revolution).