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Gripper Servo Foam Inserts?


I purchased a Gripper servo and have it on my robot and set up but have some questions:

The foam pieces that are included inside the gripper claws, are they there for shipping purposes or are they supposed to be part of the gripper claws?

When the gripper claws close in on an item, the motor keeps running even when the claws have captured the item with minimum pressure. This of course is with the foam pieces installed.

The fact that the gripper motor continues to be activated once an item has been clenched in the gripper claws. Does this hurt the gripper claw motor?

I tried setting the upper and lower servo limits but this doesn't seem to work. This would have to be adjusted for each separate item that you wanted to grip.

I'm sure I am missing something and any comments and clarification are much appreciated.......Rick Bonari


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It's up to you to use the servo calibration to align the gripper for the project. It's up to you to close the gripper enough to hold the specified object.

The same thing applies to all servos as the instructions specify - do not force servos past their ability to move. Foam or no foam, it doesn't matter. Servos cannot move further than they can physically move or they will be damaged.

The foam helps hold objects such as a pen or pencil.


Oh also, here's a video using the foam grippers