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Gpsstop Help. Almost There I Think!

Greetings Everyone,

Got some extra time to work on the robot today... Got my camera tracking working great! Woo Hoo! The thing I am working on now it getting my converted power chair to move to a specific GPS coordinates. I have a very accurate bluetooth GPS. I have it interfaced to the EZ builder software fine, but now I'm trying to figure out the scripting part of it. I want it to go to specific points around my yard. When using the GPS stop command, should the robot move to the coordinates I have for that specific gpsstop line? I can't seem to get it to move... Does anybody have a sample script that they are using to achieve this, or can it be done. I don't want my robot to roam around randomly and just stop if it happens to cross the coordinates, I want it to go to those coordinates. Any direction and help would be greatly appreciated...


Justin McClure
A.K.A. TheCrustyChicken....


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It's a little complicated right now because no one has really used it other than me.... And other ppl with more programming experience.

So, the concept is the GPSStop() command will stop when the robot has landed within the specified coordinates. The only challenge is you need to determine what direction the robot is already travelling.

I'm going to do some work on it this week or next and have a much better implementation for you.:) I'll make it much easier! It's what I do;)
@thecrustychicken can I please have a link or a model number of the bluetooth GPS you are using ?
Thanks DJ,

That would be great. Going to hook my lawnmower trailer to my Bot and try to have it go between point A & B so I can tote stuff around the yard. It would be cool to be able to say "Junk Pile" and have the voice recognition hit the script and move the bot to my junk pile or other points! Maybe once I can have a use for my bot, my lady will see I just didn't buy a big toy... LOL Plus the cool factor will go through the ceiling. Maybe then I can justify the upcoming purchase of my 3-d printer... Love the new software features... Thanks again Man, love the EZ-robot....

Hey PJ-Dtechy,

The GPS I'm using is : http://www.qstarz.com/Products/GPS%20Products/BT-Q818XT-F.htm

You can define the output of the NEMA sentences in the setup of the GPS. I had to tinker with the setting a bit to get everything to work. If you get one, I'll look at my setup and let you know how I got mine to work. It's really accurate, it has 5 numbers after the decimal point, and seems to not jump around hardly at all when sitting still. Some GPS's will move around when they are standing still... It connects to the laptop thru Bluetooth and has a great battery life when set to 1HZ refresh rate, and even pretty good when set to 10HZ.
I think the GPS has a 6ft accuracy now that the DOD has turned off the error code on the GPS satellites, most GPS's are pretty accurate. Still concerned about getting through a gate or something with 6ft resolution, but my idea for that is to use the camera color tracking and just put something with the color it's tracking right in the middle of the gate opening. I'll have the GPS get it up to where it can see the color marker to get through the gate, use color tracking to get through the opening, then have the GPS take back over and move to the next point.
Hey DJ,

Been getting all sorts of toys to ad to my bot. Got 5 more ultrasonic sensors, got a UART screen coming, some variable voltage boards to power the other stuff on my bot that doesn't run on 24volts, and an audio amplifier, Long range Wifi and a pretty big 802.11 antenna. I would love to get some GPS abilities to move to waypoints. I've been looking at possibly getting the Ardupilot for GPS guidance, but I've already put about 600 bucks into my project... LOL... I was just wondering if you foresee the moving to way-point feature or other GPS capabilities anytime in the near future? Man I sure wish back in the days of TRS-80's, Tandy Color Computers, and Commodore 64's I would of stuck with the programing!

Thanks for your dedication and all the time you put into this stuff, It's really fun getting to play robot builder!

I'll post some more photos soon of my project....

Maybe I'll put a big azz chicken head on the top of my bot!

Justin McClure
A.K.A. TheCrustyChicken