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Sabertooth Movement Panel Question

Sabertooth Movement Panel Question

Greetings everyone.. I have the sabertooth 2x60 motor controller hooked up and accepting commands in simple serial mode to my v4 EZB.  Problem is the...

Pride Jet-3 Robot Project Battery Charger Question.

Greetings Everyone, So I'm building my first robot using an EZ-Robot EZ-B, a Sabertooth 60 X 60 Motor controller, and a Pride Jet-3 Powered Wheelchair as the base. Got all my parts together, just have a question about the battery charger. The chair has a Pride 2904-24 24 volt Automatic 3-stage on-board battery charger. I have removed the joystick...

Gps Functionality

Any plans to expand on the GPS functionality of the software? Navigation... In the near future? Thanks for your hard work, and a great product!

One More Gps Question For Dj

Hey DJ, Been getting all sorts of toys to ad to my bot. Got 5 more ultrasonic sensors, got a UART screen coming, some variable voltage boards to power the other stuff on my bot that doesn't run on 24volts, and an audio amplifier, Long range Wifi and a pretty big 802.11 antenna. I would love to get some GPS abilities to move to waypoints. I've been...

Gpsstop Help. Almost There I Think!

Greetings Everyone, Got some extra time to work on the robot today... Got my camera tracking working great! Woo Hoo! The thing I am working on now it getting my converted power chair to move to a specific GPS coordinates. I have a very accurate bluetooth GPS. I have it interfaced to the EZ builder software fine, but now I'm trying to figure out the...
My Chair Bot.  Have A Few Questions.  Help A Chicken Out!

My Chair Bot. Have A Few Questions. Help A Chicken Out!

Greetings Everyone... Had a lot of fun this weekend assembling my chair bot.. Ran into a few issues that I...

Still Looking For Any Help With My Camera Tracking Question.

Hey guys, just got back from picking up the kiddo from Basic Training at Fort Benning GA! Crazy drive.... I'm about to tackle my issues again with the camera tracking and could use some help. Thanks for any you could give... Here is the link to my original post explaining everything.
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