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Gps Helppp!

Hello Everybody!

I want to add a gps module to a robot I am building for a school project. If anyone could please let me know of GPS modules that are compatable with the EZ-B v3?

Thanks again!


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United Kingdom
Any bluetooth, USB or Serial GPS.

Read the GPS Serial tutorial page for more information.
Purchase this: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/VK-162-GPS-Module-with-SIRF3-Ceramic-Antenna-TTL-USB-Signal-/330817769260?pt=GPS_Antennas&hash=item4d06468f2c

Then go to our store and purchase the Bluetooth TLL SPP Module.

1) Connect the GPS TX to the Bluetooth RX
2) Connect the GPS RX to the Bluetooth TX
3) Give both devices +5 and GND (power by the EZ-B is fine)
4) Connect the device to your computer via BLUETOOTH
5) Add the GPS Control in ARC (Add Controls, Misc, GPS)
6) Select the COM port for the Bluetooth

This looks like another opportunity for the WiFi TTL board as well.
Hello all, thanks for the advice! I got a bluetooth module as well as the gps DJ told me to get. However, when connecting to the gps control, it always displays 0 on all categories. I am thinking maybe it could be the actual gps module. Maybe I am wrong. Please help!


Cold starting a new GPS chip, more than 500 miles from its last known location and without an up to date almanac can take as much as 15 minutes in good conditions. Try taking it outside with a clear view of the sky for 15 to 20 minutes before assuming that the chip is bad.