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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Got In The Regulators And Some Were Three And Four Accross.

I finally got in my 44 regulators. I discovered it wasn't forty-four , it was 24. That is two sets of 10s. This will be just the right number. But, have any of you experienced this before. They are layed out and have 3 and 4 regulators on pcs across. So, do I simply snap the PC card like a cookie? or do I have to saw it? They are inked but not scribed. Has anyone run into this problem before? Any ideas appreciated. If I simply snap the pc like a cookie, it might damage it some or all of the time. I may just use them like they are but hook up separate wiring to each one. I have no idea.



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Pop up a picture of them. Usually if they are to be snapped off they are scribed or perforated. You may need to saw them to get them apart or you may not have to break them apart. I'd hate to tell you to try something only to find out they shouldn't be separated.
I don't have access to pop a picture. But, they are NOT perforated. I was thinking, I may use them all together.
Thank You for your answer.
I have pcb like that and the machine that makes them produces them is rows. They are not perforated but they are scored and will break in a straight line along the edge of the pcb.
Thanks. I got them separated. I found that it was easier to snap them apart than cut them with the plyers or saw. But, I lost one in the process. It is actually not lost, I have to re-solder the inductor coil that is surface mounted. I figure to lay it on the burner of the stove and hit it with the HEAT gun. If I don't loosen the other components, it should work. I have never done any SM stuff before.