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Got A New Computer

Well I finely got a computer it has win 7 but it only realy good for my robot:( there is a lot I cant get it to do like will NOT read any of my disks at all and when I plug it into the net it will not see any of my usb drives:( but it will work for my bots:D so im now back to playing with my toys oops I mean Robots:D:D:D and photos loog great on it:D


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Nice! Welcome back Wolfie:) have you tried reinstalling windows on it? It might just need some tlc


I wish I could reinstall but I don't have a disk for it at all but the comp was cheap only 100$ but its the most powerfull computer I ever had lol but that's fine it will do what I need it to do



@Wolfie.... You don't have a "dick" for it? Well that's a bit disconcerting, but I digress.... Are you sure you can't restore windows to factory default? Some of these computers have a copy of the os on a partitioned disk in order to repair or factory restore... When the computer boots up, there is usually a key press (like F8 or something) that will allow you to repair or restore the PC... Anyway.... awesome.... wait until you see what a difference using ARC on pc screen is....:)


lol thanks for the heads up lol it is still on the factory default other than ARC is on it now I tried to put my old win xp on it but the mother bourd on the comp will not power up the key bored at all till windows boots up :'( it kinda a mager bummer I have tried everything and this is the first time I could not reinstall windows on any computer I even went and got other key boreds to see if that would work but no keys works on any of them till after it boots but that's fine as I got it for my robots lol

South Africa

My computer just went in for service


Some of ARC works on xb lol But when i woke up today 20 mins ago i found that my screen no longer works:( It has power and a signal but no image If i turn it off then back on the image will flash but then its gone

I have the worst luck with electronics lol

ok well I got the screen working it seems that it needs to worm up for 1 hr before it works now :S