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Asked — Edited

Google Home And EZ-B

Hi guys,
Is there a way to use/integrate google home with EZ-B/Synthiam?
I have been locking for a tutorial but didnt find one.

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#2   — Edited
Hallo Mickey, i am trying to use IFTTT and web hooks thru the http server in synthiam.
It is a shame that synthiam has no google or alexa integration. Perhaps in the future...
You can run Alexa or Google Assistant on a Raspberry Pi, ARC also runs on a Rasperry Pi...so you can run everything on the same device if you wanted to! :)
If I remember this correctly, it is a way to use Alexa (also works with Alexa on a smartphone) in tandem with IFTTT.
I doubt this has anything to do with Google Home, for this you should use the Dialogflow plugin!:)