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Asked — Edited

Good Robot Movies Can Be Bad

Im sitting here watching some good movies but I planned to be sitting here scripting some complex scripts that im not sure can be done "yet" BUT some good Robot movies came on tv:D:( so now instead of scripting im sitting on my but doing nothing but melting my mind staring at an old tv lol

some times a good Robot movie can be really BAD :'( lol

what movie did you end up watching?
It was the Transformers Dark of the moon
it was a pretty good show:D
It looks like this Tuesday the space channel will have all the Transformer movies on all in a row:P
Probably wont do much work that day lol
LOL.... I hear ya' .... Today I had basically the same plan... crack down on some scripting on one of my bots.... But with the weather forecast looking so awesome and a fridge full of beer, I am guessing I might not get very far.... Got to get me the Space channel....