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Good News! Drone Has Been Rescued :)

The EZ-Robot Drone was outside running a few tests... Chasing its favorite red ball and such... When suddenly a gust of wind (we're going to blame the wind) came out of no where! "Oh no!" we yelled, as our favorite flying robot was stuck on the top of a 50 foot tree.

I even phoned the city of Calgary Alberta to alert them of the high content of lithium polymer. I figured they'd surely want to recover hazardous waste, but apparently not!

A few phone calls to various tree pruning services, and we managed to find someone to help. More specifically, we found someone who didn't think a "run away robot" rescue was a prank phone call!

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Lol , that's a much better adventure than a trip to the store to buy a new one. Was it damaged at all? - Josh
@jstarne1 not damage at all. it went very smooth:)
Cool beans , after all you have done with that.drone it.has some sentimental value.
:D Looks like the "gust of wind" took the ball up there and the robot obediently followed!:D

Glad to hear they helped you out! That would have been a major bummer if that happened to me.
Hehe, life's too short for bummers. Everything is an experience.