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Asked — Edited

Glyph And Pose+Sound


is it possible to use a pose + sound while using a glyph?


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Hi @Nomad, maybe you could describe what you'd like to achieve and we can help you :).

Do you mean have a glyph detection activate an AutoPosition frame and play a sound?

Or do you mean that you'd like to have a robot moving and playing sounds while you look for a glyphs with camera tracking?
hi jeremie

i activated all four glyph.he does say what i want him to say and do a pose.
problem is he stays in that pose and dont go to relaxt pose.

sorry late respons
No problem! By the way I don't consider an hour later is not a late response:)

After the robot detects the glyphs, do you have code for the robot to go back to the Stand or stop position?

For example:


ControlCommand("Auto Position", AutoPositionAction, "Stand")

i got only one line sofar.when he moves ,its the pose dj made for multicolor.

User-inserted image

i made a pose where jd goes back to stand,but he dont play that.
i change the script but no luck.i think the program itself is confused.

User-inserted image

He doesn't go to stand position because you're not telling him to. Your script only runs the action, which he is running. Add the STAND to your action.

Your script plays an audio file. Pauses for 3 seconds. Then executes an Action called HP.

Obviously your action HP is missing the STAND position.

Also, question - do you have any scripts running on Track_8 of your SoundBoard?
action hp is hi patrick and got sound in .
the problem he doesn play my HP but yours you made for multicolor detection.
and he keep standing in that possition.
found the problem.whit avery download there are some missing lines.
previous download missing action "point"
i redownload got "point" but now missing "stand"

so i decided to go for win7 ultimate englich version

User-inserted image

also the speech is hard to hear and multicolor doesn work properly.