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Getting No Where Fast

Seems I'm stuck going in an endless circle. I'm making no progress at all trying to use ARC!!!! I've been trying to download the files that are attached at the bottom of the "Robots" pages, imparticularly Omnibot and Wall E big. I've saved them to "my documents". When I open the ARC and try to open them I get an error message. I've been at this for a couple of hours now,...............and still getting nowhere. I wanted to use those files as examples to help me better understand how to use ARC. I am getting soooooooooooooo frustrated. I;ve tried writing to the Script (or writing script) and I just don't get the results that are expected. I've even tried writing something very simple and it still doesn't work. I thought this was supposed to be easy! I wrote the following:

Servo(d10, 36) Sleep(100) Servo(d10, 1) Sleep(100) Servo(d10, 70) Sleep(100) Servo(d10, 36) Sleep(100) Servo(d10, 1) Sleep(100) Servo(d10, 36) Release() I save it, click "start" and the servo just sits there and jitters! Whats the prob????????????????????? Damn ! It would really be encouraging if I were to make some progress!!!!!!!! I"m sure it must be me.......................................and my 64 y.o. mind. bout to give it up................. hoping I didn't waste my money buying the EZ-B.............................sigh............................................


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Oh the ezb files on those project pages are old. Thanks for telling me:) They won't work with the current ARC.

So you're trying to move a servo around by a script. No problem! You did it right, except you misunderstood the Sleep() command. The value you pass to the command is in Milliseconds. There are 1,000 milliseconds in 1 second.

So by "Sleeping" for 100 milliseconds, doesn't give enough time for the servo to actually move to that position. Try your code again but make those numbers 1000 ... Like so:

Servo(d10, 36)
Servo(d10, 1)
Servo(d10, 70)
Servo(d10, 36)
Servo(d10, 1)
Servo(d10, 36)

Notice how i added an additional Sleep(1000) at the bottom above the Release(). That is because you need to Sleep and let that servo move into the position before you can Release it :)

Also, you can not worry about manually releasing servos if you add the Auto Release control (found in the servo menu option).

See, you were 99.9% there! It was easy:) Simply didn't read the Script manual close enough. 99.9% is an A++ :)


OK, thanks DJ. That makes me feel better about things. I think my mounting frustration has given me brain freeze, or at least a brain fart. I'm struggling with wiring the motor contoller at the same time. Maybe I just need to leave it alone for a couple days. It sure would be nice to see some actual progress!I've gotten my omnibus all cleaned up and repainted. Have one arm servo in place. I've gotten all of my parts . Next step should be getting the motors up and running so the little guy can at least start to scoot around. I have two 7.2 v, 3800 mAh batts from an R/C car I'd like to use for power. I'll give the motor controller wiring tutorial another go tomorrow. Maybe I get get it running. Or maybe I should stay away from it for a couple days like I said earlier. I dunno"....................really wanting to see some meaningful progress.


LOL, no problem. Be careful with the public posts about your fustration. Don't want to make us look bad:) I address every issue, but I get a little embarassed when people think it's a problem with EZ-Robot

As for your HBridge, it's not bad if you are soldering servo extension wires. Cut the ends off and push them into the holes. Solder up:) Not too much heat, just enough to get them to stick and not burn the board.

Again reference this picture: User-inserted image


I'll try to more discreet from now on. Sorry about that.I have given you praise in some of my earlier posts One more question. Where does the jumper wire go? I looked at it again and the output side finally popped for me! It was a Dunn huh moment.Two servo to motor out A. Black to gnd. White/ red to motor out B. Black to gnd. Right? Thanks again.


Don't worry Loyd. Some of us totally understand your frustration. For me writing the code a computer can understand is like learning to speak Japanese :) My brain seems to work better thinking of the cutting and gluing part of the build. Or maybe its just the super glue fumes that make me feel better about it :D I can't believe how much i am starting to understand just reading the answers DJ and others are giving. It just takes time.

You can always look at the bright side..... ITS NOT G-CODE

I bought a cnc milling machine last week and wrapping my brain around G-code is like learning to speak Japanese and write it into Chinese while a fat guy holds my head under water :P

I guess what im trying to say is Don't sweat it Loyd and dont give up.. You dont have to feel like the only one here learning this stuff for the first time. I for one am learning allot from the answers to your questions.

DJ... Your doing an incredible job teaching all of us while always improving everything. You are easily my 2nd favorite Canadian 1st being Red Green

Loyd were all in this together and im pullin for ya DJ keep your stick on the ice



Loyd don't worry. I will answer questions and help you:) I do appreciate the praises, they are real nice to hear, trust me! Nights like tonight where it's 2 AM and i've been programming since noon. It's nice to see everybody happy.

You're going to experience fustrations. It's gonna happen. Just imagine the fustrations that I experience building this thing:) haha. I can't even begin to tell you!

Tonight alone, i struggled for soooo many hours on an i2c Sure Electronics Dual-Axis Magnetic Sensor Module. I had to poke and prod at this thing with my logic scope for hours to figure out what was wrong.

I spend days figuring something out. Then days putting into a package to share with the EZ-Robot community:) ... Everytime I think i'm done, a new idea pops into my head. Plus you gotta see this feature list. OMG it's ridiculous. The number of email requests we get in a day. Amy puts all the requests in an excel file and it scared me to open it!

As for Ron... YOU ROCK TOO! HA that is awesome.. Red Green! Now that is a show I will have to put on in the background while programming. UNREAL!

Being a second favorite Canadian? That's something to write home about!


Well, I thought I finally had it last nite and was gonna do the wiring today. I just watched the tutorial again and realized I don't have it. I guess I'm just really dense about this. ( it should be really simple) this is prob a really dumb question. If all 4 of the servo wires (4 sets of 3 wires for a total of 16 wires) all go to the digital I/O ports. ( 4 connections to the EZ-B) Where is the actual connection to the motors themselves?


If you look at the picture of the Hbridge you see 2 motor out a and b that is the connection for the motor

left = motor 1 a + and motor 1b - Right = motor 2 a + and motor 2b -


There is also a really good thread on this here. I hope that helps. It did for me!


As per this image.. Click on it to enlarge it

User-inserted image

(A01, A02, B01, B02)

  • Motor Out pins connect directly to your MOTOR

(AIN1, AIN2, BIN1, BIN2)

  • Motor Trigger pins connect directly to the EZ-B Digital I/O


  • connects directly to VCC pin


  • Connects to the power source for the motor. Probably not a good idea to connect that to the power of the EZ-B. I would connect that to the battery positive side. That way you're not drawing current from the EZ-B's voltage regulator to power the motors


  • This needs to be a regulated +5 . Connect this to one of the +5 power lines of the EZ-B


  • Ground

You may not need to worry about wiring this anymore. I have a very fancy and amazing HBridge Motor Controller coming to EZ-Robot in a week or so. It only requires 1 digital connection to the EZ-B .. And it has many more features.

I sourced this item just for you :D


What can I say DJ. You're the best!!!!!!I don't know how you get everything done that you do! You must be like I was when I was in my 30's. I ran on as little as 4 hours sleep at times. I used to say: "I can sleep when I'm dead"! Age makes you take on a whole new perspective! These days I'm in bed at 10:00 PM !!


The only other Canadian celebrity I know is Justin Beiber and he is definitely last on my list. DJ is most certainly No. 1!