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Check to make sure the mini deans power plug pins line up with each other... If not carefully bend the offending pin(s) to line them up better...


I see you have completed a few, but may have skipped over the part that you're asking about. There is a video with detailed instructions on how to build the robot if you are unable to follow the web instructions. The tutorial that matters to this question is located here: which you have marked as completed. I would suggest revisiting that tutorial and not skipping it:). There are videos near the end which demonstrate where the EZ-B inserts into the body.

As mentioned in numerous places, we have taken great efforts to cover every detail of your ez-robot experience.

Keep in mind that there are no "snapping" of any parts - a snap would result in a broken component. Ensure that you are not snapping any pieces. Be careful not to snap anything:)

As Richard also explained... simply insert the EZ-B v4 into the body as described in the tutorial videos. It's pretty easy:D


Thanks What I did was to open the body (saw the battery mentioned in the tutorial that can swell) connected the two prong brain power connector and then closed the body. This was easy to do. But interestingly there were two different sized screws 3 of one size and one smaller. It was necessary to know where the small screw went. Had I put the larger screw in the small hole I could have ruined the hole for the small screw. And the small screw wouldn't have held in a large hole.


The brain is the most important part of ez- robots if you don't be carful it can break and you may not be able to use your ez- robot. but if you ask me you can slowly push in the brain to the body and make sure the 2 little parts that are sticking out Mach up hope this helps:)