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Getting Ready To Buy Kit, Questions About R2d2 Conversion

Hi folks,

I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on an EZ Robot kit. I saw DJ Sures performed an R2D2 conversion at the Calgary Expo earlier this year. I have one of these Hasbro R2D2s on hand and want to convert using the EZ Robot kit.

Does anyone know if Sures leveraged any of the existing R2D2 electronics (besides the drive motors)? Or, does anyone know what EZ Robot components he used?

I'm almost finished with my Yellow Drum Machine robot, looking forward to tackling a bigger project with the EZ Robot kit. Many thanks!


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I did not re-use any of the components from the R2, other than the drive motors:)

I will make an assembly video when I return to calgary
I look forward to seen these instructions too. Thanks
@Hais.... wouldn't hold your breath as this thread has been dead for nearly 1.5 years... last post before you was Nov 2012
LOL , yea I realized afterwards , I have an R2D2 interactive , and may
Decide to do something with it.

Came across this thread during my search ,
and thought , did a video tutorial ever come out
For this.

So I thought give it. Bump:)
I have the same R2..... gutted him like a fish.:P He is now EZB3 powered. Added leds, sonar, sound detection, sabretooth motor controller and PIR detector....now hw responds so much better. Unfortunately, I have no pics at the moment.
A video of your EZB3 powered R2 would be awesome!
I liked the video of your "other A..." powered Create.
I have 3 r2,s but only one works. I also have an extra EZB3!
I am stuck and very happy on EZ Robot.
Have you tried your EZB3 on your IRobot Create?
Thank You,
Steve S
@Steve...I will see what I can do about a video. So since you have an R2 that is dead... Just remove all the electronis except for the motors and maybe the speaker... that is what I did... added an ezb3 board, motor controller, leds, sound sensors for ears and a PIR detector where the wheel lock button was... I also used a Vex single motor controller and PWM so i can control the motor in his head.... That's about it... The rest is ongoing programming. Forgot... I also downloaded some R2 sounds to complete the rebuild.
Up next (once I get my V4 boards) is some Create projects... Currently I only have 2 V3 boards so the Create will be my first V4 project...
It sounds like you have made awesome advancements in hacking the R2!
Thank you for responding, it sounds like the best hack since Lumpys R2!
Look forward to your experience sharing.
Any EZB3 Create? That is my real baby.
That is whats great about EZB, so many options.
Steve S
No EZB3 create yet... Waiting for V4 for that... I am partial to the create as well... After all I have 3 of them:D