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Getpwm Returning 0

I want to return the value from D1 and D0 whilst tracking an object, i'm using the GetPWM command but only ever get a "0" returned. Am i missing something?

ControlCommand("Camera", CameraColorTrackingEnable)


$head0=GetPWM( D0 ) 
$head1=GetPWM( D1 ) 




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you are using the wrong function, replace GetPWM with GetDigital.


GetPWM (digitalPort) Gets the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) of specified port PWM is between 0 and 100


GetDigital( Port ) Returns the Digital value of the specified port as a 0 or 1

GetPWM returns the last value used with a PWM function.


PWM(D0, 75)
PWM(D1, 100)
Print(GetPWM(D0)) => 75
Print(GetPWM(D1)) => 100


I believe you are attempting to determine the position of a servo? If that is the case, use GetServo(). As stated by @ptp, the GetPWM is reserved for PWM specific functions, which is identified by its naming convention PWM vs SERVO.

Find out how a servo works from the learn section here: https://synthiam.com/Tutorials/Lesson/48?courseId=6

Additionally, there are dozens of variables for the camera control - which you can view by looking at the Variable Tab while editing. More information on editing EZ-Script can be found in the learn section here: https://synthiam.com/Tutorials/Course/6

Camera variables can help to determine the physical location of the object on the screen.

However, if you are looking to read a servo position, use GetServo(). The JD project which you are building from has some script examples that demonstrate, such as PointAndTrack

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Thanks DJ.

getservo() works a treat