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Asked — Edited

Futaba S3003

Hello I recently purchased Ez-robot, I tried several servant with the card but I can not make them work, the models are:

H-King hk15138
Tower Pro SG90
TowerPro 998
and in the end also Futaba S3003
All such servant I tested them on Raspberry Pi and worked perfectly, in Ez Build connected servo add servant but it just goes crazy and then maneuvered the board flashes.

Is there something wrong? *stress*


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The ex-b v4 doesn't regulate power to the servos, so if you are using a high voltage battery the servos will get that power. If those servos are 5v they will be overvolted. Also, make sure that your plugging them in the correct way. If you don't, they will not move.
As technopro covered, what power source are you using?

Did you connect the servo correctly to the ez-b?

What controls did you use to move the servo in ARC?

There are a lot of details missing in your post. Please help us help you by answering the above questions and providing additional information that you feel is important.