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Fun With Dynamat, High Tech Moto And Servo Sounds

ok so some of our bots sound clunky but adding some dynamat will make it sound a little more high tech. it wont be silet but you wont grit ypur teeth anymore either lol. i ordered about 6 sq foot fo this project. based on others opinions they say the motors themselves are the loudest. so i will remove the rubber gasket motor holders and coat these motors with dynamat. servos could stand to have each side dynamatted too. i have the matt on the way so ill post pictures


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yea crossing my fingers it has success the rest of my mods have. ??
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I first wrapped a strip around each motor but did now cover the vent on the motor.
User-inserted image

Here are both motors back in the case. I'm thinking about adding dynamat to the inside of the casing as well.
User-inserted image

The inside of the base is mostly covered. Since I must do some fiberglass to strengthen each side , I will then cover the remaining available space.
User-inserted image

The entire outside casing is covered in dynamat.
User-inserted image

I also descided to test dynamat on servos.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Wow! I added 6 v to the motors and it barely makes any noise , just a slight hum with zero grind or bzzzt gear high pitch noise. I am very impressed and highly recommend it. Even moving the voltage to 12v the noise was still 1/4 of the original amount if noise.
Nice. Where do you get the Dynamat? Curious robots want to know.
Looks like a lot of the car guys are using Peel and Seal from Lowes to save money . J.W.
Yea that roofing stuff right? I've heard its not as effective but way cheaper. Go on eBay to find the dynamat , 4 sq ft is about 25 dollars name brand.
A friend of mine used a cheaper alternative to dynamat in his car. It was about half the price of dynamat and seemed to be the same performance wise. I can't remember the name but I'm sure a google search will turn it up. B-quiet or something like that.
United Kingdom
From experience with very loud car audio (i.e. a lot of vibration) in the past I can tell you that nothing has the same performance as Dynamat nor even close to it (anyone who tells you otherwise hasn't installed the Dynamat correctly). At best I'd say the cheaper alternative is around 75% as good.

But the cheaper alternative may be OK for servos and motors, my experience in it was on a much louder scale (think car audio loud enough to burst an ear drum). Just really pointing out that nothing is as good (or close to as good) as Dynamat:) but on the flip side nothing is as expensive as Dynamat.
i AM looking at a testing to reduce the noises too.

One good reason a sound level meter comes in handy.