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Free Rad Robot Contest For Maker Faire June 16 2014

OK folks you asked and you shall receive! The June 16 maker faire in North Carolina we are setting up a air soft tent and little obstical course to be a battle ground for beginner level air soft mech warriors. We have for sure three robots coming to shoot each other up with fully automatic air soft guns but we really want another pilot!

What you can win!

  1. RAD Robot either rad 1 or 2.0
  2. At least one Cyber strike full auto 6v air soft weapon (two if your design entails the use of two)
  3. L298n h bridge to power your machine
  4. 6v power sonic lead acid battery
  5. Darlington tip120 transistors to be used to power the air soft weapon from an EZB digital output. 6.Gel air soft target to calibrate your robots aim and get some target practice controlling your robot!

Approx value before shipping Rad robot $60 -$75 Cyberstike air soft guns $30 each L298n h bridge $15 Darlington transistors $6 Power Sonic branded 6v battery $23 Gel air soft practice target $5

Possible value so far before shipping costs - $185

If your design and enthusiasm shows off the spirit of EZ Robot there could be even more added to your freebeez. While this is fun be realistic as I expect the winner to participate in making their robot and posting the build here in the EZ Robot Forums.

Basically its easy to win.

  1. First rule is you need to be able and come play in the ez robot tent June 16 weekend North Carolina Maker Faire.

  2. Submit your ideas of what you would do to make a fun competitive robot! Be specific , what weapons , how they are going to mount , how will you control the firing and targeting, what can are you using and where will you mount it , what color scheme or pattern, or any other mods/ additions. Feel free to check out the other three robot builds in progress for ideas.

  3. The robot MUST use EZB and a either EZ CAM or other 2.4ghz based camera. The ideas do not need to be original.

  4. The robot must utilize at least one air soft weapon. Nerf type dart or disc weapons are allowed.

  5. The robot must have a 3.5 inch x 3.5 inch force sensitive resistor plate on the front and back of the robot and 3.5 x 1.5 inch plate on each side. These will use ADC ports of ezb for scoring of hits.

  6. Be realistic as we expect you to implement most or all of your plans , try not to compete by being crazy far fetched.

  7. Your robot must have EZ ROBOT , the ez robot smiley logo and your name on it somewhere visible.


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As always Josh, you are incredible! Such a generous man! I certainly hope a member of the forum take you up on this fantastic offer!


Ha we will see. These days is hard to give away stuff!


Really? No takers? Am I gonna need to mod this robot and send it to DJ? Make it all white with with blue eyes and blue letters...


I would be all over this, but I am not even sure I will make it to Maker Fair, and I barely have enough time to complete the robot I am already working on if I do come.


United Kingdom

If I had a valid passport and a plane ticket I'd be all over it.

Someone must be interested!..


I'm trying to line up another EZ roboteer as a air soft mech pilot and I also have another robot that I will paint white and and use as a guest robot so those who are interested can get even more interested by joining in the fun;) spread the word I need one more hopeful! Anyone who can show will do.


I just realized how tarded I am for labeling this 2014 instead of 2013 . lol I'm not planning that far ahead. Just 4 more months! I'm sure it will fly by.