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Found The Reason With Top Of ARC Project Being Cut Off By Menus Bar

Hi all

l think I may have found what causes the top of the project in ARC to be cut off and hidden under the top menu bar for some of the users of ARC. I noticed that this problem has continued for me but seemed to happen randomly. The only way to fix the problem once it happened was to do a "Smart Arrange" in the control tab and loosing all my custom placements of the controlls. After months of watching this behavior and the frustration it causes I noticed that it seemed to happen only when I saved my project after I did some new work to it. Then I noticed that it seemed to only happen when I saved the project and the window was scrolled down towards or at the bottom of the project page (or even to the side) and then exited to Windows. The next time I opened ARC to this project it would be as I saved it; the top or side hidden under the menu bar or side but now with no way to scroll up or to the side to get there.

I started to scrolled to the top left of the entire project page and then save and exit. This seems to be a work around to this problem

So now each time I save and exit my ARC project I need to make sure I'm scrolled to the top left of the entire project page. This way I never seem to have the top cut off and hidden under the menu bar and no need to auto arrange and loose my custom placement of the controls.

I've been doing this for several days now and seems to be working. I don't know if the EZ Robot team can check this out and fix it because they have not been able to reproduce this problem on their system.

Hope this helps others. Have fun! Dave Schulpius


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I too was one of the people having the same trouble. I have been building a new robot from the ground up and not doing any programming lately so I'll remember what you have wrote and give it a try. Thanks for updating the tread with your find :)



Hope this helps Herr. Let me know when you get beck to ARC.

New Zealand

Thanks Dave.... I will check this out.

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I too have the same problem. The menu bar could be made to disappear or get smaller. When you are working on a robot with a notebook of only a 12" screen, the menu bar can take up a large portion (maybe one quarter) of the screen. I noticed it but did not say anything because it could have been just me. But, since you mentioned it, I guess it is real.

I am sure D.J. will address this soon.


Since we are talking about it, I have same issue.


Thanks for addressing this in your last updated DJ. I can't wait to get home, install the upgrade and give it a try. The EZ Robot team and DJ are amazing with the speed of responding to users requests and making the changes work so well. How do you guys make it look so easy? :P