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Found Fairly Cheap Way To Cut Plastics

so that it wont melt and give a good clean cut
i just bought a NO MELT plastic cutting saw blade for $90 for my table saw
they make in all sizes and for hand circular saw
another way is to get a wet saw and add very cold water or attach a small compressor out of a refrigerator,like i did for my work
what make plastics melt it the blade gets hot and melts the plastic
i did some some repair on whats called a plastic chiller machine ,at plastic making factory
if you do use a wet saw you need to change the blade for a fine tooth blade and most are about 4 inch plus needs to be stainless steel ,so no rust
another trick to get water cold is use ice cubes

but using a special NO MELT CUTTING blade for plastics you dont need the WET SAW
i am building a very good robot machine shop with every machine neededi ordered many machines,lathe,mill and a lot lot more


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Sounds like it is going to be a Fun place to be.

nowwaiting on the EZB to drop down in price,so far i see its about $140 plus shipping and i need 5 or more so thats $700,makershed had a good price at $99 but so far no stock,so will just wait and wait ,not in a hurry
machine shop cost me over $2000 my christmas gift to my self
I've been told that Makershed will not have them at that price ever again. It
was a one time buy or something like that of the older model EZ-B.

Go for the 20% off sale, it's probably the best deal your going to get.
maybe,i can wait still not in a rush,most likely get is in usa,shipping high in canada
the 3 i bought from makershed was the lastest version of EZB wasent a older model
i check no 20 % off sale its over ,shipping is over $18 to usa