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Found A Great Group In My Area

I was browsing the internet and I stumbled upon a great group of people in my area. They are a maker group with focus on robotics, programming, 3d printing, open source and many other things. I went to an open house tonight and was blown away by the machinery that they had for use by its members 24/7. Laser cutters, welders, 3 cnc machines, 3 3d printers, extensive wood shop, crazy equipment. Then I saw people helping each other on various projects. What was missing was anyone who had heard about ez-robot besides me. I plan on changing that and talked to a few people about ez-robot. The founder of this group asked me to send him the info and I told him, but will send it to him.

Anyway, I now have the access to the tools needed to build some amazing robots, and skilled people who will help teach me how to use these tools. Today is a great day for me and my build possibilities just grew tremendously. My hope is to get this group to know about the great people I have met in the ez-community also. Just had to share. Maybe one of these groups exists in your area also... group


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Which city are you located?


I found this group on This site has groups all over America (not sure if they do other countries) that focus on common interests. Just passing along as it helped me find people with similar interests in my area. Maybe there is one in your area also.


Wow, that is great to hear! There are many hacker spaces with amazing tools but rarely do their members have initiative to create anything cool - it sounds like you came across a fantastic hacker space with innovative people! I'm looking forward to meeting some of them online.


Wow! From 2006-2010 I lived very near you. Are you familiar with Hefner and N. Council Rd?


Yes. I lived in NW OKC until about 2 years ago when I got married and moved to Yukon. I was on NW expressway and Council. Small world. Are you still around the okc area?


No. Im working overseas ever since 2010 but I visit my kids there. I should be back to visit them in October though.


Well, next time your in town, let me know. I would love to meet someone in person who is in this community. Over the next year or so, I will be having a lot more people join, but I will already have met them in person. Would be nice meet someone in person that is from the community instead.


that's awesome that you guys can meet @troy and @d.cochran!

keep me posted on progress at your hacker space david!


Will do. This group helps an Oklahoma City school with their robotics projects. After I am able to present what EZ-Robot can do, I will pass along your information to them. I am sure that they will be interested.