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Forum Update Alert Delays

I just wanted to ask everyone, have you noticed any delays in receiving emails for forum thread alerts in the past week? Normally I get an email saying "There's been an update to a thread I've subscribed to" in about 10 to15 minutes, but now it seems to take a minimum of an hour, sometimes as much as 6 hours. Only been happening over the past few days.

I'm just wondering if any of you guys are experiencing the same issue, or wheather it's my email provider (Virgin mail) that is causing the delays. confused


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DJ covered this the other week when I mentioned the occasional delay. It's an anti-spam/anti-blacklist measure, basically it stops EZ-Robot being named as a bad domain.

Anyway, it's normal behaviour so not your email provider.

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Ok, thanks for letting me know Rich. I did have a quick look through the forum to see if anyone noticed anything. Must have missed that.

Thanks again.:)


steve G

good that you notest this and made a topic about it.i have same problem.


thanks for the answer.

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Thanks to Rich, I understand why there is a delay now, but the delays I have now noticed are as much as 12 hours old. I didnt want to, but I have deselected the email alerts option now, as there not much point receiving an "alert" when an event has occurred some 4, 6, or even 12 hours ago.

It's a shame really, but understood. :(


also some mails come in 9 times desame mail about desame topic.

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Yeah I've noticed that too. For example, I got 7 email alerts when there were only 4 responses in the same subject. confused