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Forum Pictures Not Showing Right

Hey all

For some reason ever since the new website came up the pictures in the forum post are not showing right.
I thought it was just the website needing fine tuned but now I'm sure that it's me ... lol
The pictures are all long and very thin, if I click on them to show the large view all is ok.
Is there a setting I need to change.

Long live EZ-Robot !



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United Kingdom
Odd, they seem OK on all my computers, phones and tablets.

Can you give an example of a topic where it's doing it?
What browser are you using?
I have the same problem with my hp mini i think its a browser issue. I have ie9 on the hp and the pictures are squeezed then on my desktop i have ie10 and the forum pictures look right. Browser formatting Is pain.
@Rich ... I'm using Internet Explorer #8

It is a browser issue.
Downloaded Foxfire tonight and all is ok.
Strange thing was it was ok before the website update?

@Derrick ... If you ever find the setting on your HP Mini that ends this problem please let me know:)

Thanks for the help guys
You just need to upgrade internet explorer.i cant because I'm saving space on the HP only a 8gig hdd
United Kingdom
Yeah I have the same problem I'm running IE8 and can't change it as its a company laptop. Its not too much of a problem on the forum but the main shop page has images that are hidden until you hover over them and then vanish again when you move the cursor away