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Forum Converts Http Links To Https

When embedding links into forum posts, the post shows up with the link converted to https, REGARDLESS if you used plain http for a REASON. This is not wise since not all sites are HTTPS capable and this leads to bad links and user confusion. It should use the scheme provided by the user and not blindly change it.

example: link that gets converted to https by your forum and fails to load because the site doesn't have that link available by https

Look at the url bar in the browser, change https to http and the page loads.



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It is either already fixed, or it is something else causing this for you. I am not experiencing the problem. I even have the HTTPS Everywhere Chrome extension that switches links to HTTPS when available, and it is not doing it on this link. (also tested on IE to make sure the extension wasn't fixing the problem the other way).

If you copy and paste the link rather than clicking on it, does it show HTTP or HTTPS for you (rather than looking in the url bar after clicking it). When I copy and paste it, I see HTTP.



I smell spam @Alan.... look where the link goes... He just joined the forum and this is his first post?... Spam....


No, I am not spamming. I was trying to point out that the web page created by your forum for that post was showing the link with HTTPS even though I had typed it in as http. Chrome inspect shows it as HTTPS in the actual 'A(nchor)' text...


Ezrobot will continue redirecting login information to https://. Thanks for your feedback, however the http and https is the same website code and therefore can never result in 404 errors.


A lot of web security software will make this change when copying and pasting url's. A lot of it will also make the change when you click on the link. A lot of them will do this when you type a url and will automatically switch to try to hit the HTTPS site instead of HTTP.

here is a link I am testing with.

It isn't the website but something on your computer that is catching this when posting.


Thanks for the fix, it's now working properly.