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For Those Still Sitting On The 3D Printing Fence

I just backed this 3d printer on Kickstarter... Yes, I need another 3d printer like I need another hole in my head.... I feel like Anthony now who owns more 3d printers than underwear... LOL :P... Anyway check out the $179 Tiko 3D printer

So anyone almost thinking of buying a 3d printer here is a great option... although it won't probably ship until Jan 2016.... It's worth a look...

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It looks interesting, although a little small print area. I have not had great luck with Kickstarter projects though. I'll wait for commercial release, read some reviews, and spend a little more than kickstarter price if it is as good as it seems.

The market certainly needs some low cost competition to start driving the price down though. Even if this isn't "the one", I would think that within a few years we should be seeing a lot of reliable, high quality printers in the sub $500 range.



@Alan, I will have to disagree (and yes it is relative) about the small print volume... The Tiko's claimed print volume is actually larger than my FlashForge Creator Pro... But you're right, talk is cheap we'll have to wait and see if lives up to the hype that they are creating for it....


I have a printrbot and love it. However on kickstarter there is a printer called the gensis duo which has tripled the donations needed to complete the fundraiser!

You can ride the uno (one extruder head) and 9"x9"x9" print bed for $250

However the better deal is the duo (2 extruder heads) and a 12"x12"x12" print bed for $350!

I ordered a duo and cannot wait for it to get here around August:)


I'm really loving that Tiko! I'm a big fan of the Stewart Platform because it's so precise in it's positioning. I'm gonna wait till it goes to market though.;)