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For Rich Pyke On Ping Roam

So, Ping Roam is almost a year old. Is it Complete now, or do you have plans to Update it in the future? Just curious. I am trying to line up all my ducks so when I get the V4 in I won't have to ask that question. Unless I forget , of course.



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Art is never finished, only abandoned...

It's over a year since I started it, it has had a few revisions since however it is currently stalled at version 1.2.0 alpha as I am yet to give it the time it deserves for testing.

There wouldn't be much more that could be done with it now though unless we get in to very specific setups. As always, my scripts should only be used as a guide or a base for your scripts. It's a head start for anyone wanting to have an autonomous roaming robot which uses scripting and has additional features to those controls native to ARC.

The script so far is only the base for what Melvin is running (or will be running). Once I release all of the info on Melvin you will see how easy it is to transition from the simple Ping Roam script to making your robot move autonomously using the sensors you choose to use.