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For Anthony Or Anyone Who Is Using A W3 Win8 Tablet.

Ok, they say Hind-sight is 20-20.

I built Sunshine following the Lexi-3000 website. Now, I have a problem.

I have an Acer W3 Windows8 tablet on the rear of the machine. I have a mimo monitor on the front of the machine.

There is NO place to put an external mic. The way I have it mounted in a little tray, it will not pickup the sound if you speak from the front of it.

Acer says in their manual that they don't support headsets with mics, only the headset part of it.

I am used to giving verbal commands to Marti the robot which was similar , but used a notebook.

I have a very good mic mounted on Sunshine's neck/chest area which pickedup before when I had the notebook mounted.

How does Anthony use the W3 with the mimo monitor.

Or, how do any of you use the W3 with a mimo monitor. It doesn't have ANY kind of Ext mic mount. It has two cameras with mics and also the main microphone.

I am lost for a way to do this.

Any help appreciated.

Thank You,



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The W3 has a built in mic that you can use. It also has a micro usb port which can be used for regular USB devices.

Not knowing anything other than "a MIMO monitor" it's difficult to say how it connects. Some have USB, in which case would connect to the USB on the W3. Others use d-sub which cannot be connected to the W3.

The W3 also has a micro HDMI output which you may also be able to use but that will depend on the monitor.

For the mic, if not using the built in mic, can connect to the headset jack. I'm not sure where you get your information but if you read Page 23 of the manual it states; User-inserted image


Rich, God Bless You! I will look again.


I guess it really doesn't matter now looking at the W3. I have ONE miniature phone plug for the speaker. and one miniature USB out. I use that to go to a usb hub.

I guess if I could find a mic to usb adapter (I don't know if they make them or not), that might work.

I had my W3 stored for about 9 months. When I plugged it back in, the battery was DEAD. So, I am powering it off the Robot instead. It works, but no mic input.


You will need something like this splitter to plug a microphone into the W3 instead of a headset. Note: if you plug anything into the headset jack, it will also send the outbound sound there, so you will need (amplified) speakers (I haven't tested with the Windows mixer to see if I could get the on-board speakers working with just a microphone plugged into my splitter. It is possible that would work, but I have had poor luck on Windows 7 machines getting them to remember my settings between boot-ups. Windows 8 might work better.



I found a link.


I believe this might work.

I guess not all W3s are alike.

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The W3 in my hands is a W3-810 which I believe was the only version they made (well, 2 versions, a 32Gb version and 64Gb version), both had the same hardware...

Tony (@Toymaker) uses these too I think (based on the EZ:2 images).

Search for a USB sound card, that's pretty much what you need. Or do as Doombot does and use a BT mic (I forgot about BT earlier).


I got it. Probably the UK version was not the same as the USA version. Maybe.


Thank you ALL!

I have ordered the above mentioned adapter. We will see what happens.


TechGuru , do you think that speaker jack is ALSO a microphone jack? It works great as a speaker jack.



TechGuru , do you think that speaker jack is ALSO a microphone jack? It works great as a speaker jack.

It is on mine. W3-810 64gb

That is typical of headset jacks. They will work fine as speaker jacks without a mic attached, but won't work as microphone jacks without being part of a headset or using a splitter like the one I linked to.



that is the Exact model that I have. Thanks!