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Flying Robot Stuck In A Tree

This might be an interesting story, the new age version of a cat stuck in the tree. This time, it's a robot. I was testing one of my flying robots outside and having it chase a red ball. Well, the wind took the robot away and he got stuck 50 feet in the top of a tree! So now there is a priceless robot hanging in the tree, with the batteries still feeding us video signal.

We attempted to throw his ball up in the air to see if we could knock the robot out, but the ball got stuck too!

The flying robot is programmed to follow the red ball.

We had a fantastic phone conversation with many laughs to a few local tree companies, looking for someone who would take me seriously! One company hung up the phone and thought it was a prank call, a robot stuck in a tree!

Finally I found a company who is willing to come down this evening between 6-8 PM and use a giant boom ladder to rescue the robot from the tree.

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Happened to me once with a RC plane, never found it, but the night i bought a new one there was someone at the door with my old one :D

Always put your name/adress on expensive things!
you should do a local story in a newspaper, they will want content, plus you punish the bad tree trimming business for doubting u lol

also, that was not wind,,,
it was the government's fake wind trying to control your invention..
the tree may not be real either, i think i seen it move

can u tell i need sleep
This reminds me of a company in Belgium that lost a very expensive drone (Quadcopter >18500 EUROs) and they put out a reward for the finder. I don't recall they ever saw it back. So consider yourself lucky it's nearby in a tree ;)
I hope you made a nice tutorial video about this also !
Keep up the good work,


I saw a video like that but they called the fire department.
there was a story on DIY drones the other day about a guy who flew his quad near an active airport lets just say the drone became roadkill and there was alot of damage done to the aircraft.