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Flashforge Dreamer Vs Creator Pro

Started a new thread, sorry @bhouston for high-jacking your Inmoov thread.:)

@Richard You posted:

If I had a choice (which I did) between the Dreamer and the Creator Pro... It >>>would be the Creator Pro hands down... I took @Doc's advice and purchased >>>the Creator Pro and it has been an awesome printer.... Smile

What was this based on?

I keep changing my mind between the two, I think the Dreamer cosmetically does look better? And I don't like the look of the Acrylic top cover on the Pro, looks like a after-thought. But I can get the Pro cheaper.

@Doc thanks for the link to Flashforge forum.



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The reviews on amazon.com convinced me... The Pro is more flexible settings wise and I heard the dreamer has serious cooling issues so printing PLA is a challenge... Since my Flashforge Pro has printed nearly 2 inmoovs without even so much as a clogged nozzle I have say I am more than satisfied...:)

Few people buy 3d printer's based on looks lol... It is not supposed to blend in with your other appliances...:D It needs to work and be reliable... I would take pretty out of the equation and make you decision based on function over form...


To be honest, if I had to do it again I would have bought the MakerGear M2... It had the best reviews of all the printers on amazon.com


Printing PLA on FlashForge Dreamer is not an issue any more because it is now delivered with 2 extra cooling fans at the rear.

these 2 fans will start / stop automaticly to regulate the internal printer temp.

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@Richard I can justify buying a printer with the Boss, if its looks pretty & blends in :) Only kidding!

Its not the reason it looks pretty, but the acrylic top hood on the Pro makes it very high and as I said its almost an after-thought add-on?

Regarding the Dreamer having serious cooling issues, as @Aerius has said there was a modification, which included installed a thermal couple sensor and cooling fans for the chamber temperature.

I'll read up on the 'Pro' again, also I'll have a look at the MakerGear M2

Thanks Chris.


@cem can you use any filament for the Dreamer or do you have to use a flashforge cartridge? Another reason I like the Creator pro is the fact I can use the filament (read... cheaper) of my choice... Many printer manufacturers use overpriced proprietary filament cartridges that make owning their printer very expensive...