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First Flight

I completed new support in the EZ-SDK and ARC yesterday. We'll be releasing it this week. Here's a sneak peek:)

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are you planning on having head tracking on that :P you could have it so you fly just by moving your head
What camera did you use?

that was cool.....
Head tracking works in the ARC I'm releasing tonight. It isn't easy with the drone but great for regular robot tracking and movements.:)
User-inserted image

Controlling Wall-e through the VR headset with built-in accelerelerelrelerlerometer. Oh and a Wii remote:)
Even Wall-e is amazed ! LOL
very cool. Now, to add a glove control that works arms and claws, and it will be just like Heinlein's "Waldo".

I love this product!!!! DJ you have advanced robotics for the common man beyond belief.
That's simply awesome!
Which VR headset did you use?