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First 20 Ezb V4 Shipping This Week!

I just got an email telling me the first 20 V4's are shipping this week. They say the remainder of the early orders we'll go out early next week! Hoo-ray. With any luck I should have my little unit here ready to install in 2 to 3 weeks. :D:D


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When I checked the forum this morning, I saw on the office cameras someone in the office at 4:40am Pacific Time and a bunch of open boxes on the floor. I figured something was up that was probably good news!


United Kingdom

The open boxes have been on the floor for a few days. In another post Jason has said that these are the EZ-B V4s waiting for the last few parts before shipping. I guess the parts are in and the V4s are on their way.

FYI, because I've seen it mentioned a lot on here lately I just want to confirm that the guys at EZ-Robots are sending one of the first V4s my way so don't worry, my normal level of support will be there for the V4s too (once it gets it way over the big pond between us - 3 days for the V3 from China so shouldn't be long).

Excited? I know I am:)


I received the nice email this morning also. Hoping it won't take long for the EZB(4) to reach down South to Louisiana.

Laissez les bons temps rouler


I got the email too:) Can't wait to start playing with the V.4. Just ordered some other things from Ebay to go with it so hopefully they will arrive about the same time. My wife is going to be wondering what I'm doing spending so much time in my Man-Cave.


Well said robot doc. I agree, let the good times roll! Mon Ami. I grew up and have spent a lot of my adult time on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.I'm very familiar with the Cajun sayings. I love the Deep South and go down home when ever possible.


Busy bees in those offices! Can't wait to put the brain in!


Did anyone get a shipping notice? The cameras have been down for a while so I can't see if the pile of boxes has gotten smaller.


There won't be an shipping updates just yet - it's 1:22pm here and shipments get picked up around 4:00pm. We then have to manually enter tracking numbers into our back-end admin section to update order status' and move them to the final step.... shipped:)

Everyone's patience has been incredible. This is a really exciting day for everyone at EZ-Robot. It's been more than a year designing, building, testing and tweaking the EZ-B v4. To finally have the first shipments going out is a truly amazing feeling. We can't wait to start hearing feedback and begin seeing all of the unbelievable projects this community will build using the v4!