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Hello i have an EZB 3 that needs tobe updated I know that soon there will no longer be suported What im wondering is if the firmware comes as part of ARC or if its stored remotely on the EZ-Robot website


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Bundled with the ARC download.. Check in the folder where ARC is (from the start menu on Win 7). The firmware update program should be there too.


The problen is i dont have a computer at all and when i get one i will not have internet at home If the firmware is part of builder then i can use a gov computer to dl builder save it to my flash drive so i can update offline later on when i can aford to get a computer

So i can dl builder and update later offline when i get a computer ?


You don't have a computer? Whoa, that's weird... a guy into robotics doesn't have a computer? Besides, I thought computers were like TVs and other appliances where pretty much everyone has one...... How are you currently using the EZb3 board then? EZB3 will be supported for some time to come, I would just wait until you get a PC (and internet) then download ARC...


I had a computer but it burnt up last year and im on a fixed income plus im in a small town where its hard to get one thats used and when i do fined one i cant really aford it so i have to wait till i can get a job if i get one For the past 6 months my bot just sits looking like a pile of scrap junk lol But i do have an old cell phone with builder on it lol


I won't forget about the v3 owners:)

I'm trying to support v3 owners in ARC for long as I can... It's getting real challenging but it seems to be working:)


What i would do if i was you is when the last builder comes out for v3 is to have a seprit link to it on the dl page