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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

File Into Where?

does this file needs to be in directory or so?
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That's an Android app file Patrick.... Did you download it and install it to your Android device?
yes just on the sd card,no where in a folder orso.

sd looks like this

User-inserted image
Android is not like Windows... I have only downloaded apk files from the internet to my Android device... they install themselves... I am not sure how you would (or even if you can) install them manually....
yes the phone ask to instal it,and i click ok.
you speak about more then one file?

i got error exception off type
java lang trown
United Kingdom
You need to make sure your android device is set to allow Unknown sources too.

I always download direct to my android however if you do use an SD card you will need some type of file explorer app to find the apk then run it that way.
yes rich thats it.i did set to allow unknow to.
now i now ,when i boot my pc in the morning.i see a file dowloder appear.
i didn know what it was.

thank you bolt