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Feature Request: Opening Another Project, Does Not Ask To Save

What a frustration!

I just lost 3 huge scripts, because i just pressed open project to grab some scripts from another project.

I expected the ARC to ask if i wanted to save the current project, similar behavior when you try to exit the ARC without saving.

i need a break !


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What kind of pill do you recommend ?

i almost break the keyboard ;)


Xanax works for me :)

Yeah, there are a few weird things in the UI that can be frustrating.



Saveit, saveit, saveit. Often. I have to make myself stop when doing long scripts and save it. Both saving the script itself and doing a save on the project. I used to have a separate timer program to remind me every 10 min. to do a save, but I have gotten in the habit of doing that on everything I do so I don't need it anymore.

In EZB it would be nice if there was a keyboard shortcut that would save both the script (or whatever) you are working on, as well as, the project as a whole. It's a pain having to shut down the script by hitting save then hitting the project save. At the least it would be nice to be able to hit the project save without having to shut down the script/component you are currently working on. For that matter it is a pain that you cannot have more than one script or component open at a time. <grumble grumble>


I also recommend intermittently saving to the cloud (you can mark it private if you don't want to / aren't ready to share). It is rare, but there have been cases of projects corrupting. Having a cloud backup is useful.