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Fathom Stick

Hot on the heels of a new artificial intelligence-capable thermal imaging camera, chip maker Movidius has yet another AI implementation up its sleeve: a USB stick that can allow pretty much any Linux computer to handle advanced neural networks, one of the building blocks of AI.
Fathom Stick


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I was checking this out this morning. it could plug right into that ez-ai server.
Just what i was thinking!
Wow. I can't keep up with the speed with which deep learning AI is evolving.
I love you guys for coming up with stuff like that...:D

But wouldn't we need a Linux PC to run the thing?
Is ARC working on Linux?:)
Not a Linux PC, simply a Linux distro.

I have both Linux and Windows on my laptop.

If you want you can just create a partition and install a copy of Ubuntu 16.04 onto your drive.

ARC is Windows only...but as you most likely know you can control the EZB4/Lol Tiny through a Raspberry Pi which is Linux.