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Facial Recognition?

Does anyone have a way for the EZ-B to detect someone by their face and say their name? I want to try and make my robot know who people are.


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I think I read somewhere that individual face recognition is not available "yet"... I put yet in quotes because I not sure if it even can be done... Maybe DJ or EZ-robot can confirm?


I saw that toymaker had some sort of facial recognition on the EZ-1, but that may need another part.


Nao can do facial recognition but it is also really powerful. If ezb can do that eventually that would be just awesome.

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You can do it with a single face currently by using custom haar cascades. It's not simple and is seldom used... in fact I don't think I've seen it used for face recognition, it has been used to detect objects but it's one of those rarely touched features.

Tony (Toymaker) has an external application which recognisers faces and talks to ARC. It isn't complete yet so isn't available for purchase but he has mentioned that the software he is working on for the AIMEC will become available.


This off topic - but does the JD head have the v4 camera? I've been wondering.

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He sure does... it says what he has on his shop page:)

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Yes, we have done facial recognition with ARC, you need a good quality camera for this though. I am looking forward to trying the new one for face recognition.

We are now doing object recognition still some more work to do on this but we are getting there.

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I plan to do a video in the next couple of weeks that will show the EZ:1 robot picking up objects and recognising them (this is not colour recognition, but true object recognition).



Tony, Looking forward to your updates on face and object recognition, your past video was amazing. Steve S