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Resolved Resolved by Doombot!

Fabrication Assistance

Wondering if any forum member has a rec. on a decent/affordable frame fabricator. My rover frame is quite simple (essentially two rectangles with bracing) but because I'm using a hand drill and hack saw it isn't square. This hasn't been a problem while I tweak the design and change it around but it would be nice to have one that didn't look like it was made by Frank Ghery...
I'm just using aluminum tubing from Home Depot and shelf brackets now.



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Doombot has a good idea there. Also you could look into local welding shops. You could find one that will a small custom job like this. I had a local welding shop fab the leg support rack for my B9 legs out of 1" alum sq tubing.
United Kingdom
I use a local ventilation ductwork specialist for my fabrication work, they are excellent metal workers and haven't let me down yet.
Thanks for the ideas. I'll try them, hopefully the bot will be somewhat forgiving as well.